Bass Tournament Rules

All State and Federal Rules will be observed. Tournament begins at safe light at Clarksville Marina.
Boats will take off in order of entry.
Montgomery County Bass Club, Clarksville Bass Club, North Central Tennessee Bass Club will handle the weigh-ins
beginning at 3:30pm.
This is a BUDDY tournament. No more than two people per boat.
Winners will be determined by tournament officials at weigh-in.
Only fish measuring 15 inches or more with MOUTH CLOSED will be weighed – NO EXCEPTIONS.
Golden Rule will be the official board used.
Only large-mouth, small-mouth, and spotted bass will be weighed.
Live wells will be checked by members of the Tournament Committee prior to start.
8-ounce penalty for each dead fish. 8-ounce penalty for every minute late to weigh in. Team will be disqualified if they’re
past 15 minutes late. FIVE FISH LIMIT.
Clarksville Marina at Liberty Park is off-limits for fishing to boater division starting at the marina entrance.