Featured Activities

The great outdoors is calling and we’ve got an event that will get you ready for the upcoming turkey and fishing seasons. Join us as we showcase some of the best in boats from Tailwater Marine & Tackle, Malone’s Marine and C&O Marine.

-Events happening all weekend long featuring The Army Bass Anglers from the World Fishing Network. Things like basic sonar classes, advanced sonar classes, how to predator hunt and more.

-Have the kids cast a line in the Army Bass Anglers mobile fishing pond!

-Give it your all at the inflatable archery range hosted by West KY FCA Outdoors!

-U.S. Army Entertainment Trailer featuring Distracted Driver & Flight Simulators and Petal Karts and Impairment Goggles.


-See the NHECM: Animalogy’s nocturnal animal lineup including Gila Monsters, Hedgehogs and even an Albino Burmese Python!



Friday , January 28
10:30am – NHECM: Animalogy

12:30pm – What Fishing line works best for each application. Braid, Monofilament and Fluorocarbon with William Tager


1:15pm – NHECM: Animalogy

2:30pm – Basic Sonar Class / Fish finder with Shawn Dalrymple

4pm – Choosing the right rod and reel for each situation and how to cast with Erick Wilkas

Saturday, January 29
10:30am – NHECM: Animalogy

12:30pm – How to setup for Kayak Fishing with Shawn Dalrymple


1:15pm – NHECM: Animalogy

2:30pm – Water temperature vs favorite baits throughout the year with Erick Wilkas

4pm – How to Predator Hunt with Randy Gardner

Sunday, January 30

11:30am – NHECM: Animalogy

12:30pm – Advance Sonar class with on the water Demos with Shawn Dalrymple

1:00pm – NHECM: Animalogy

2pm- How to set up a Bow with Randy Gardner